Signage products and services

Applications and endorsements

BCA licensing application

We manage the entire BCA licensing application for you, including all drawings and design indication starting at $350 per application process.

Professional Engineer endorsement

Should your signage installation require 'PE' (Professional Engineer) endorsement, we can assist with the structural design and other technical considerations to ensure your signage gets endorsed fully. Please contact us for our rates on this service.

Signage services

Delivery and installation

We deliver and, optionally, install any signage ordered from us. Our base rates and competitive, and the discount we give on larger orders ensure that you get the best value with any signage order you place with us!

Graphics design

We can convert any logo to proper vector format for signage and large-format printing at only S$50 per conversion. And as a bonus, we give you the vector file, so that you never again need to struggle with creating signage or print material.


For large projects and events, we can help you create the perfect signage with our CG virtualization technology, where we take pictures of any location and render in signage to show you a photoreal preview perfect for large events and facelift projects for office space or even entire buildings.

Signage products

Maneki Signage is the one-stop online solution for all your signage needs! Our online sign builder is serious signage design tool, yet simple enough for any layman to use and design the following:

Accessibility signs (NEW)

  • ADA & BCA compliant Braille signs - as of April, 2014, BCA Accessibility Code stipulates that all new addition and alteration projects include Braille signs—to promote a more inclusive society. Our Braille signs are fully ADA and BCA compliant as well as available in a multitude of colors and materials suitable for any interior design or corporate style.

Home decor

  • Acrylic photo frames - wrap a stylish frame around timeless memories with our selection of photo frames build to any dimensions you require
  • Vinyl decals - cost-effective and perfect for adding individuality, soul, or a dash of sophistication to your home as well as easily maintained and updated to refresh the ambience of any room
  • 3D lettering - home owners may consider stainless steel cut out sign for your house number. Stainless is extremely durable and will last for decades. Other material options include: acrylic, aluminium, wood, and composites
  • Glass murals - a highly decorative accessory that is perfect for any modern home dĂ©cor project. Just send us your design and let us take care of fabrication and installation

Commercial signage

  • Banners - perfect as temporary signage or portable signage for events, our banners are made from high-quality vinyl and are offered in a variety of mounting styles
  • Basic signs - available in an assortment of materials (acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel, and composites) and thickness, plus optional spacer mounts
  • Framed signs - the traditional and timeless choice for shop fronts and small businesses offered in several frame colours
  • 3D-cutout signs - used for that modern look or as reception signage for corporate offices, our 3D-cutour signs are finished with quality paints to give you a sign that will look brand new for years to come
  • Lightbox signs - the workhorse of commercial signage—and a must for any business that stays open when the sun goes down—our lightbox signs offered in multiple frame finishes, two brightness options, and lit on one or both sides
  • LED signs - (coming soon)
  • Digital signs - (coming soon)

Catalog signage

Our online catalog with 200+ (and counting) predesigned signs will help any business enhance its premises with industry standard signage for various applications:

  • General and statutory signs - perfect for condominium, hotel, and mall managers who need signage for an entire floor or building. Bulk purchases are heavily discounted to help you complete any project
  • Safety and PPE signs - factories and construction companies can find most of the signage they need. If you require a sign not listed in our catalog, contact us so we can custom designed it for you at no extra cost
  • Traffic, car park, disclaimer, and liability signs - direct visitors about your car park, help drivers avoid unsafe or illegal parking spots, and indemnify yourself against damages of vehicles parked at your premises with our wide selection of signs designed for easy visibility and recognition

Wooden honours boards (NEW)

If you need a classic wooden honours board with engraved lettering, we provide premium Teak wood boards with panelled inserts and custom engraved lettering with gold leaf finish. Customizations in material and finish are available, so do contact us if for all your honours board needs!

Office nameplates

We offer several corporate-style office nameplates with easily replaceable vinyl stickers to help you usher in new staff and complete any office setting with that professional touch.

Special signage

Finally, we fabricate more unique types of signage, e.g., brass, wooden, and stencil signs. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us. We welcome enquiries for projects of all sizes, as well!

Superior quality

Quality materials pay for themselves by reducing production flaws (and thus, production costs) as well as ensuring that our signs will give you years of trouble-free service, looking as good as the day you bought them.

Despite our uncompromising standards of quality, our signage is priced competitively and generously discounted even on small orders of just a few signs!

Transparent pricing

Our pricing is totally transparent! We have spent the time and effort creating a dynamic online pricing system that will always give you our best price, regardless how big or small your order is!

We provide discount on multiple signs purchased per order as well as massive discounts for installation of bulk orders, and in the same time it takes most of our competitors to give you a final quote, we will already be manufacturing your signage order with us—GUARANTEED!

In a nutshell

Try us to today to experience the effortless online future of signage in Singapore. All online orders delivered within 7 working days!


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